Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The end of hibernation

The last two months of 2011 marked a giant hibernation period while morning, afternoon and evening sickness took it's toll. Inspiration was hard to come by and I'd be lying if thoughts hadn't started to run through my head like "will I ever be inspired to pick up another piece of fabric or reel of chain?!" or "maybe I'm not cut out for this?" Tell-tale signs that a shutdown period was well due. I put down the tools, locked the workroom and decided to find a quiet peace again in the wonderful home, family & life that God has blessed me with. No pressure, no deadlines, and most importantly a time to rest out my first trimester. 

I officially start up again on the eleventh, but I am beyond happy to say that I have started off the new year off feeling a million times better and as I approach my fourth month, inspiration is trickling back and I already have a few new designs & ideas already in mind for 2012. Fingers crossed!

{15 weeks pregnant in the Midlands}

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