Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A pretty necklace just for me

I follow Heather from Skinny laMinx on twitter and almost every Friday she takes time out to make things that make her happy. This really got me thinking.

I love designing pieces for my business, but realize I haven't made much time to design something that I would really love to wear with 'that' dress or 'that'  blouse hanging in my own cupboard. You would be surprised to see how few accessories I have made & kept just for little ol' me.

To kick-start things in the right direction, the last two weeks I have taken on projects just for the plain fun of it. A few have been created out of time spent sitting with my supplies and re-hashing old ideas, and others have been fun projects that incredibly talented ladies have shared online.

My husband and I spent last Friday night working on a 'Teardrop Necklace' project that I found here. I had all of these supplies sitting in my workroom and was happy to put them to good use. We laughed and drank coffee while we literally watched paint dry for a few hours and finally put together the first of our little creations. Thank you to Ashley for this fun idea - I feel warm and glow-y when I wear my pretty necklace.


  1. I've only ever made two bags for myself. The others have been taken from my inventory when I didn't have a bag to match a specific outfit :D

  2. You did it! I love what you did with the two different sizes. Good job, girl!