Thursday, March 17, 2011

New stockists: Heather Belle Salon & Market Fleas

We are back in Hillcrest for the next few days which has given me a bit of time to deliver orders and set up new stockists.

I delivered a variety of necklaces and earring styles to Heather Belle Salon {Heritage Market} on Tuesday, and it quickly turned into an impromptu fashion show with her staff. Heather is loads of fun and appreciates beauty with edge. I can get a little more creative when making her stock!

I also received a mail the other day asking if I'd like to join "Market Fleas" - an online South African Craft Market. What a lovely idea! When I have a few moments, I will add more stock to my shop.They are still in small beginnings and a few things to work on here and there, but overall they onto something lovely. I just received my first order!

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  1. Wow! What a fantastic idea about the online flea market! Can get more exposure. Loving your designs!