Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just feeding the goats

It was a public holiday here on Monday and so we went on a little journey up the Midlands Meander: Cheese eating, chocolate tasting and goat feeding. All Jesse wanted to do was climb over the fence to play with the goats!

In jewellery news, I have so many orders to make. I been waiting by the mailbox for days for my supplies to arrive and they have started trickling in! I will definitely start on a few necklaces tonight.

{P.S: Note the headband! I wore the first trio finished sample to check the sizing (I am so prone to the dreaded headband headache!), and I nailed it. No head-ache after a full day.}

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  1. Ah the dreaded headband headache...I get them all the time! Fashion victim :-)
    Thanks for the comment on the resource post...happy you liked it.