Monday, July 1, 2013


I cannot believe it has been 5 months since I last posted on my little blog. 

Well, actually I can. 

I am so grateful for the life I have been given that it seems trivial to bring up the negative, but sometimes it just has to be said. My little bundle of joy marked some of the best moments of my life, but also the start of an uphill climb with what could be described as Postpartum depression and a very unexpected burnout. I am in awe of the love and support I have felt over these last few months. After what felt like wading through mud, I feel clearer and finally creative once again. 

I did manage to do a few bits and bobs in between and will do a little "Five months in a flash" post to bring you up to date with what we are doing and where we are going.

With love,

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