Friday, February 1, 2013

We're in a happy place with our new displays!

Before our holiday break in December, I took on the task of creating a way to showcase my range of headbands in-store. I wanted functional, neat & pretty. I strive for this little company's packaging to be as thought through as the accessory itself. 

I started with the headband cards. First scribbling out a design, followed by hours of playing with cuts of card stock to figure out the best usability. Lastly, I hired a local print shop to turn my sketch into my very first headband tag. I was delighted!

While that was underway, I went to work on brainstorming the actual display itself. With a simple plan drawn out, it was brought to life by a loving pair of hands. My better half! He worked for hours perfecting grooves and replicated the first few to deliver to shops. I stopped by Fat Tuesday this morning to snap a few photos to share with you.

I dare to say we turned a functional piece into something PRETTY.

{Photo credit: Kristi Kyle}

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