Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's been days!

It actually feels like weeks since I've sat down for an update.

I have been all over the place: planning my baby's first birthday party, taking photos for a the 'V collection' in Durban, designing a new range of necklaces (1/4 way there) for Nixz, marketing, making an order of headbands to drop off at Fat Tuesday, working on jewellery lesson plans, listening to a church conference online in the evenings....the list goes on! I love being busy, but my biggest challenge is finding a good balance so that I can spend quality time with the bug and hubby.

My ridiculously talented friend is taking some new product photos for me, which is majorly helpful as it's so easy to get behind and she has an eye for creating beautiful pictures like no other.

I am putting my feet up tonight, and it's back to work on Monday, and maybe some photos to show you what I'm working on, tomorrow.

Sleep well!

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