Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Always keep records

One thing I have found to be so important when running my little business, is to always keep good records: money in, money out, sales, supply costs, product photos, you name it. Not just when it's convenient. When a client calls and asks you to re-create something you may have made two years before, you're going to have wished you'd whipped out that camera when you had the chance!

Which leads me to the point. If you're anything like me -  when you can't get the picture perfect, you'd rather not take it at all. I spend more time fiddling with settings than I do getting ready in the morning. Instead, save those creative moments for a designated marketing day, and before you run out of the door to drop off your shiny new order, make sure you snap a few photos and save then in your records. Point and shoot.

{A few product shots of White Summer's order I dropped off today!}

{pictures edited by Rollip}

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